Benefits of Getting up Early in the Morning

People have become too lazy now as we do see them get up late in the morning which is a very bad habit. Those who are getting up late do miss out all those joy of early morning and also miss out on health benefits of getting up early. Though there are many people who get up early for morning jogging, walking and exercise which is good. It is not only getting up early, but we should also see that we sleep early so that we also get sound sleep which is also very essential for health. Old people have a habit of getting up early and we should follow their way and make it a habit of getting up early for our own benefits. Students do get up early, but most of the times it is only during thei

r exam times as they don't have any other option than to get up early and study for exams and that too most of them do this only when exam time nears as for them awareness will be created only when exams are very near.

I had a habit of sleeping late when i was young as i was addicted to watch late night tv and sleep late. Since i was sleeping late those times, i could not get up early also and i was too lazy after getting up that late. But as i started going to college, my schedule changed a lot as i started sleeping early to get up early to study. Morning time, there was no disturbance for me as everything was looking fresh and i could concentrate on my studies well. This habit continued for me as later on after completing my studies i was engaged in morning jogging with exercise as i was looking for health benefits. I really get charged up when i am getting up early and that to after work out. Day will also pass on smoothly as i am able to do my work properly to my best of ability.

Though most of the youngsters today do not listen to old people or do not like to follow their way of living, there is so much to learn from them. Experience is very important in everything in life as it does make things easier and taking tips from old people will have more advantage for sure. The most important of them all to start your day early as the benefits you get here is huge. I do get up early in the morning since very long time and the happiness i get by starting my day early morning is very huge. So to experience the benefits of getting up early, do get up early and see the joy by yourselves

POSTED BY sarosh On 2012-01-03
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